5 Luxury Yachts That Will Bring the Fun This Summer  

Summertime is perfect for lounging across the open waters in your own yacht. Whether you’re looking for a party yacht, luxury cruiser, or a superyacht worthy of royalty, there’s something special that every type of yachter can enjoy. But with so many options, it can be hard to pick out just one that meets your needs and lifestyle.  

That’s why we have put together this list of five yachts; all handpicked for their ability to bring fun and adventure into the sun this season. Ready to get out on the water as soon as possible? Let’s dive into luxury yachts that will bring the fun this summer. 

Luxury yachts

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with the Azimut Grande 27M. 

If you want to take your travel and vacation experiences to a new level, look no further than the Azimut Grande 27M. This is where luxury and comfort meet elegance and style in one beautiful yacht. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with breathtaking sunrises from the deck of your boat and amazing blue seas as far as the eye can see. With plenty of space for family and friends onboard, this luxurious yacht offers incredible amenities that will make each day out on the water truly remarkable. 

Experience the epitome of extravagance on the Grande 27M. This compact superyacht boasts an imperial essence that blends unmatched comfort with high-level performance. With its sleek design and impressive features, this yacht offers an unforgettable sailing experience. Immerse yourself in the ultimate combination of opulence and functionality. Some of the features include:  

      • Sophisticated interior design that allows for luxury and comfort. 

      • Masterful exterior design that allows for high performance.  

      • Innovative pivoting platform expander. 

      • Luxurious outdoor deck with superlative views. 

      • Full-height windows bring in tons of natural light. 

    Taking luxury to new heights with the impressive Sunseeker 100. 

    You crave luxury and sophistication, so why not get it out at sea? With the incredible Sunseeker 100, you can take your yachting experience to new heights. Built with fine craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and an eye for detail, the Sunseeker 100 is sure to impress. Combined with stylish interior design and stunning exterior views, this yacht delivers an exquisite adventure every time you step aboard. Make some waves as you sail across clear blue waters while enjoying amenities such as highly customizable spaces and state-of-the-art security systems for those who demand only the best.

    Experience the epitome of luxury with the Sunseeker 100 Yacht. With the standard MTU 12V 2000 M96X engine or the optional MTU 16V 2000 M96L, this vessel reaches impressive speeds of up to 30 knots. Opulence knows no bounds aboard this Yacht, which comfortably accommodates up to twelve guests and five crew members. Indulge in complete extravagance as you sail the seas 

    Sail away on a journey of discovery aboard the Beneteau Oceanis. 

    Are you ready to set sail and find yourself surrounded by a stunning view, enjoying all the luxuries that come with purchasing a superior sailing yacht? Look no further than Beneteau’s flagship sailboat, The Oceanis. With its sleek design, roomy interior cabins, and long-haul capabilities, nothing will stand in your way as you venture out into the open waters aboard this majestic vessel.  

    Designed by Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento, the Oceanis Yacht 60 offers a world of sophistication and refinement for ocean cruising enthusiasts. Boasting a remarkable hull length of almost 18 meters, this yacht delivers exquisite marine qualities without compromising its elegant design. The cockpit layout has been optimized for a sense of ease and security. Deep side decks provide level access to the foredeck, while two helm stations have been strategically placed for optimized maneuvering. On-board systems, such as Ship Control and Seanapps, provide effortless management and maintenance of all systems. Experience impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious ocean cruising with the Oceanis Yacht 60.  

    Experience a sophisticated summer with the Sunseeker Manhattan 68. 

    Are you seeking the ultimate sophisticated summer evening on an expertly crafted vessel? Then look no further than the Sunseeker Manhattan 68. Luxury comes standard with Superyacht styling and a modern design configuration, providing an exceptional setting for any occasion. The combination of boundless space, seamless power engineering, and extensive benefits contribute to its iconic style, offering guests superior comfort at every turn as you cruise around harbors and docks in unbeatable grace. Whether you are planning for a quick escape or an epic voyage, this is one yacht that’s sure to exceed expectations! 

    With a strong focus on creating sociable spaces, the main deck boasts generous and usable areas for all to enjoy. The exterior design seamlessly integrates the Portuguese-bridge bow seating and sunbathing areas with the expansive cockpit. The innovative Beach Club offers enhanced features like a water level locker for two SeaBobs, making effortless enjoyment a reality. Inside, the main saloon benefits from sweeping glazing that extends below the TV console. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from all angles. The interiors showcase exquisite attention to detail with a new palette of upholstery that provides a cool, crisp, and contemporary look – unmistakably a Sunseeker Manhattan 68

    Explore paradise in style on the superior Absolute Navetta 75. 

    Ready to experience the good life aboard an astounding architectural work of art this summer? Look no further than the Absolute Navetta 75, an exquisite Italian vessel designed for those seeking a luxurious adventure on the tranquil waters. Boasting incredible performance and sweeping open spaces, this yacht was made for exploration in grand style. Explore mammoth harbors and secluded coves and discover undiscovered paradise at your own pace. Embark on an unforgettable journey with superior amenities you won’t find in any other type of vessel; from its cleverly crafted interiors to impressive technology features – there’s nothing else like it! Come explore all that Absolute has to offer, and remember one thing; when it comes to luxury adventuring – it doesn’t get better than this! 

    With a sleek, spherical design, the Navetta 75 sets the standard for excellence and harmony in boat design. Building on the success of prior Absolute models, this flagship vessel embodies the shipyard’s signature features of technological innovation and sophisticated style. Get ready to experience the perfect balance of excellence and completeness in the Navetta 75

    Yachting and the process of yachting shopping can be an adventure! So let Yachts for Sale and our expert brokers guide you to owning your own yacht this summer. Ignite a lifelong passion for yachting, and make memories that will last a lifetime by contacting a team member today. 

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