5 Best Yachts for Families 

Boating is a lot of fun as a solitary hobby; one doesn’t need much more than the warm sun and the peaceful open water. But your horizons will expand rapidly once you start bringing the family along. And let’s face it while boating alone is relaxing, where’s the fun without family and friends?  

Once the yachting bug has bitten you, it’s only natural that you’ll want to take the whole family with you, but what are the best yachts for quality family cruising? Keep reading for our selection of the five best yachts for families.

Yachts for Families

Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht.  

Magnificently crafted, expertly finished, and composed of undeniable quality materials, the Sunseeker Sport Yacht seamlessly blends elegance and performance. The Sunseeker 74 Sports Yacht is a balanced fusion of family cruiser meets sport yacht and is the perfect vessel for family adventures. This beauty is enhanced by elegant finishes and cutting-edge technology, making this the yacht of your dreams.   

Sporty, sleek, and wonderfully spacious describe the breathtaking interior of the 74 Sports Yacht. This is a yacht created to impress and built for comfort. It boasts ample entertaining space, including plenty of comfortable seating, large sun pads (both back and front), and the bridge deck seductively shades the cockpit.  

Marex 330.

Just launched last year, the new Marex 330 has all the trademarks of a classic family boat. This revamped yacht includes generous indoor and outdoor seating areas, which makes the Marex 330 ideal for entertaining all your family and friends.   

When properly enclosed, the 330 is warm, making the summer season last longer in the northern regions. While at the same time, it can quickly be cooled with a large air conditioner in warmer climates. The canopy solution is the best and quickest solution on the market – it is a sliding roof system with side curtains stored in the arch—just a minute from a completely closed to a fully open boat.   

Some other luxurious family-friendly features include:  

      • A double dashboard to fulfill all today’s needs.  

      • Integration for iPad and similar devices.  

      • Efficient solar panels can optionally be mounted on the roof with up to 900 watts of charging power.  

      • A place for mounting bicycles as well as paddle boards or kayaks.   

        • The front deck’s sun bed can be thrown into the water as a floating, for kids and parents to play on as their own private beach.  

        • Cooking facilities are spacious, even for the most passionate gourmets.   

        • The aft part of the boat can be equipped with a large grill.    

      Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Marlin.  

      The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Marlin invites you to expand your horizons and multiply your adventures at sea. Versatile, reliable, and exciting, this is the ideal partner for all your marine activities. Diversify your pleasures on the water to include family excursions, relaxing weekends, fishing excursions, snorkeling, and more. The Merry Fisher helps provide easy and accessible moments of escape.   

      With a stable hull and a high-performance outboard engine, the Merry Fisher is a protective boat that will allow you to cut across the sea in all seasons and in all conditions. Optimized and customizable interior spaces offer a remarkable quality of life aboard with providing plenty of room to live. Clever exterior layouts and spacious storage lockers enable you to enjoy various marine activities.   

      Beneteau Flyer 10.  

      Crowned as the Powerboat of the Year, Beneteau’s Flyer 10 is a highly versatile design. Part luxurious toy, part family boat, the Flyer 10 combines the best of both worlds. It fits in a six-person cockpit with an adjacent galley, a four-seat helm station, and a watersports tow arch. The cockpit has increased modularity and space, with foot-rest seats and a bench that folds back in seconds to form a large sunbathing area overlooking the swim platform.  

      Below deck of the Flyer 10, there’s enough room for six adults to lounge around the dinette, which can convert into a double bed. The Flyer 10 features a “smart walkaround” concept to combine accessible and safe movement on board. This luxurious yacht borders on a sport cruiser yet provides unique living space. The two double berths, divided among a salon cabin and a mid-cabin, mean that you can spend many nights on board with the family.  

      Azimut 53.

      The Azimut 53‘s flowing lines disguise surprisingly spacious interiors, making it perfect for a family who wants to enjoy long cruises in absolute comfort. All while staying true to Azimut’s sophisticated hallmark style.  

      It is the perfect family boat designed for spending long periods on board. The generously proportioned day area is almost the same level, with the galley near the entrance and the living room separated by a difference in height of just 25 centimeters. The incredible sense of airiness and freedom of movement that this creates is enhanced by side windows that run uninterrupted, with no uprights, from just beyond the entrance area to the windscreen. As a result, natural light and the view over the water are focal points of this yacht, adding to the pleasure of spending time on board.  

      Family time on a yacht provides magical moments that are hard to find in any other setting. There is no better way to spend quality time with your family than by exploring different places, relaxing together, and sharing fun activities that make good memories.  

      These family yachts are big enough to give everyone their own space and small enough to spend quality family time together. Whether it involves time at the beach club, a day of watersports, or watching movies on deck in the evening, Yachts for Sale can help you find the perfect family yacht. Contact one of our expert brokers today for more information! 

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