Listing Rules & Regulations

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Who are Professional Members?

YATCO is committed to 100% listing accuracy. YATCO works closely with leading worldwide yacht brokerage associations to ensure all broker members are qualified professionals. All YATCO Professional Members must adhere to a strict code of ethics, rules, and regulations to continue to be a YATCO Professional Memberand maintain their membership to of one or more of the following associations.

  • IYBA – International Yacht Brokers Association (formally FYBA – Florida’s Yacht Brokers Associations)
  • MYBA – Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association
  • YBAA – Yacht Brokers Association of America
  • CYBA – California Yacht Brokers Association
  • NYBA – North West Yacht Brokers Association
  • BCYBA – British of Columbia Yacht Brokers Association
  • ABYA – Association of Brokers, Yacht Agents
  • & More

How are YATCO Listings Different?

In order for YATCO Professional Members to list their yacht listings on YATCO.COM, they must show proof of a current Central Listing Agreement. A Central Listing Agreement is entered into with just one brokerage firm, thus guaranteeing the listing agent and listing broker a portion of the selling commission and most importantly ensuring every YATCO.COM user deals directly with the sole representative and true source of the yacht available for purchase and/or charter. is powered by YATCO, the Official MLS of Yachting