Author: Mike Brunn

 It wasn’t that long ago that as an avid water skier, my ultimate goal was to own a boat with the flattest wake possible.  MasterCraft only had a few “hard core” ski boats in the 15k range but enjoyed a great reputation for quality and performance.  All that changed ten years ago when MasterCraft took one of their legendary ski boats and added ballast tanks, creating the legendary X-Star for the first X Games.  Who knew that wakeboarding would become the fastest growing water sport on the planet?  Obviously MasterCraft did.  Ten years and eight X models later, Mastercraft is the “boat of choice” for professional wakeboarders.

 21′ Mastercraft X-15 2007 Boat Review: 4 Key Elements Every Boater and Mastercraft Lover Is Curious About

#1 Versatile Performer

New for 2006, the X-15 has pleased some of the toughest critics.  Thanks in part to a huge cockpit and modified V-hull; the X-15 is a versatile performer with great amenities. What happened to the hip-looking tribal graphics that was “all the rage” for wakeboard boats?  Fortunately for those of us that have to look at these boats every weekend on the Delta, I’m more than pleased to see that MasterCraft is now “toning down” its graphics choices.  While studying MasterCraft’s “07” catalog, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are few graphics options available.  MasterCraft is setting yet another trend by offering most of its boats with attractive yet “graphics free” hulls. Our test boat was ordered with the optional “switch” graphics package.  Although this package is still a little wild for this old waterskier, it’s still an improvement over the crazy color schemes and outdated designs that have adorned wakeboard boats in the past.

#2 Certain to Impress

I believe that wakeboarders are less concerned with graphics and more concerned with performance. That’s why the new X-15 is quickly becoming one of MasterCraft’s most popular models.  Weighing in at 3500 lbs. dry and boasting a 100” beam, the X-15 is certain to impress professionals and amateurs alike.  Flip-on the KGB 650 lb. ballast system and the X-15 is capable of giving any wakeboarder the wake he or she dreams about. Slamming the throttle down, the beefy 5.7L V-8 roared to life.  The standard 310hp Vortec had no trouble bringing the X-15 on plane and hitting a top speed of nearly 50 mph.  However, if you think you need more grunt, you can always opt for the 6.0L 400hp LY6.  Although, I couldn’t imagine why one would require the LY6 at sea level; this option could be an advantage at higher altitudes such as Lake Tahoe.

Not only was I impressed with the performance; I was equally impressed with the smooth ride. That’s because the X-15 shares the same great hull with the Maristar 215.  Length and deadrise are identical and provide one of the smoothest and driest rides available, under most conditions.

 #3 More Fun

Featuring more space, for more friends, for more fun, the X-15 is capable of accommodating 12 of your best friends.  Who knows, maybe if you bring enough friends and pass the hat, you’ll never have to pay for fuel again. Storage galore!  Boasting nearly 135 cubic feet of underseat storage, the X-15 is able to accommodate all of your gear and then some.  Due to the horseshoe-shaped seating, each cushion lifts to reveal cavernous storage.  There are also two large hatches located on each side of the engine under the sundeck.  The space beneath could hold a multitude of items including life vests and towlines. The X-15 also provides the latest in tower technology with unique patented, swiveling and clamping board racks for more storage.  The attractive tower also includes ready-made speaker and light inserts. The ergonomic helm features “tip lit” toggle switches, red-faced gauges and a pure aluminum instrument panel.  The helm seat is comfortable and features several adjustments for just about any size and length.

 #4 Great Brand

MasterCraft spares no expense when it comes to quality.  From the MasterCraft logo embossed cleats to the billet aluminum appointments, there is no doubt that the X-15 will give years of trouble free pleasure.  As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon to see 30-year-old MasterCrafts pulling skiers today.  That’s a testament to a great brand.

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  • LOA: 21’8”
  • Beam: 100”
  • Weight: 3575 Lbs.
  • Seating: 14
  • Fuel: 45 gals. is powered by YATCO, the Official MLS of Yachting