Protect Your Passion.

With an Extended Marine Contract.

Enjoy life on the water worry-free with an extended marine contract.

Protect your purchase right here at Yachts for Sale.

Extended service contracts ensure your engine, steering, v-drive, ignition, and other essential mechanisms and features are covered so you can live the boating life without a care except for how many hours you’ll have out on the water. Plus, in some cases, these warranties are transferrable to future owners, which is really helpful with resale.

We can customize your extended service contract based on your intended type of use and conditions. These policies can include the following:

Enjoy Life on the Water Worry-Free with Extra Protection.

In addition to providing financial services and insurance, Yachts for Sale can assist with extra protection for your vessel. Our professionals are passionate about getting you and your family on the water quickly and stress-free with our extended service contracts.

Extended Service Contract