6 Tips for Yacht Shopping 

Thinking of buying a yacht? It can feel overwhelming with all the available information, your long lists of wants versus needs, and all the models on the market. But don’t let stress and frustration keep you from living the yacht life.   

The experts at Yachts for Sale put together some tips to make buying a yacht as smooth as a day on the water! Keep reading for six tips for yacht shopping.  

Yacht Shopping

What type of yacht is right for you?  

Believe it or not, thousands of choices await when you’re researching and yacht shopping, so you must consider what type of yachting you will be doing.  

Most yachts fall into six categories: motor yacht, sailing, open yacht, luxury, sport, or catamaran. Once you know what activities are most important to you, you can narrow your search.   

Set a budget.  

It’s easy to get carried away and feel overwhelmed when making such a large purchase. 

Buying a yacht can often be an emotional decision, so it’s essential to research and let your head lead over your heart—research prices on manufacturers’ websites and through brokers. Research other operating costs like seasonal maintenance and fuel, insurance, repairs, and storage. Your spending comfort will help you decide what kind of yacht is right for you. 

Be sure to utilize our yacht loan calculator when determining your budget. 

Select your size and prioritize desired features.  

As you dive into the process, ask yourself the following questions:  

    • Do you have a growing family where you need to plan for more space?  
    • Will you primarily boat with just your significant other or several friends and family?  
      • What will be your main activities?   

      When it comes to your home on the water, those amenities are crucial. Figure out which are must-haves, which are a luxury you want but don’t need, and which you can do without.   

      [Check out these 5 essential FAQs before yacht shopping!]

      Try before you buy.   

      If a friend has a similar yacht, climb aboard and assess it with your desires in mind.  

      Look into doing the same with a one-day charter. Be sure to include boat show visits on your list. At the boat shows, climb aboard your preferred brands, you can talk with experts, and perhaps even sea trial the ones that have caught your eye.    

      Partner with a broker who understands you and your needs.   

      Brokers will need a distinct picture of your lifestyle to help point you in the right direction, so be upfront about your wants and needs. Ask many questions to ensure this is the right broker for you.   

      Trust your instincts, and listen to your broker if you have a good relationship. The last thing a broker wants is for you to make a costly mistake, with the blame landing squarely on their shoulders.   

      Be patient.  

      You probably have a distinct dream or vision for your yacht, and that’s ok!  

      While you shouldn’t compromise your vision, understand that finding the perfect yacht will take some time, and you must be patient. Keep an open mind, trust your broker, and enjoy the journey.   

      Yachting and the process of yachting shopping is an adventure; let Yachts for Sale and our experts be your guides. Ignite a lifelong passion for yachting, make memories that will last a lifetime, and allow Yachts for Sale help! Contact a team member today. 

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